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Think seven generations ahead before any important decision.


Mundekulla Ideella Förening har skapats sedan 2004 för olika kultur och teater evenemang.

Short text description of notable projects, the of the kind of work done in the past, building up to the kind of work it does today, ending on its key areas of interest.

Kultur, Natur och Hållbarhet



Concise paragraph text introducing Mundekulla Ideella Förenings Vision and purpose to the point, ending with a suggested link to a downloadable pdf document of the latest Stadgar.

This text should not be long winded and vague, nor should it include any details of actual works, more an encapsulating impression of the kind of participatory atmosphere of how the organisation cooperates within itself.

Details and more information on activities or projects can be discovered under "nyheter". No need to repeat information here.

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